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New Projects

Fitzgerald Engineering, Inc. designs electronic circuits and products to meet customer requirements.    Please contact FEI for product design assistance.  Some ideas for projects are briefly described below:

Possible new project ideas:

Hand held analysis instruments:  photodiode or photomultiplier tube instruments that react to total light or specific wavelengths of light to determine concentration of chemicals in liquids or other media.  A complete analysis instrument with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD),  Analog to Digital data acquisition and custom programmed microprocessor can offer an economical solution for a variety of applications.

Toys:  talking toys with a voice chip inside can react to movement or contact with the user.  FEI has designed and developed a toy with a patented two-level accelerometer type sensor.  This or other types of sensors can be economically integrated into your design to make a toy that teaches and or entertains.

Design Reviews:  Fitzgerald Engineering can review customer designs and circuit boards to help with problem areas or to ensure that they best meet the requirements for economy and effectiveness.  Having an experienced outside consultant often brings another valuable perspective to a company.

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