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Design and development of a water testing unit that includes a touch screen interface and six LEDs to make colorimetric measurements at six wavelengths.

Analog front end design of a system to read out a scientific grade Charge Coupled Device (CCD) operating in a vacuum environment at -100 degrees Celsius.   Circuit boards designed include preamplifier and Analog to Digital Converter board as well as the Front End Electronics (FEE) interface board to pass data to the system.

Design and development of a microprocessor based four LED Colorimeter that is used to test over 100 different chemical concentrations in water systems.  This Colorimeter is a battery operated, hand-held unit that includes a graphic LCD, photodiodes and optical interference filters, serial port, and software code that can be programmed in system so that software updates are readily accomplished via email.

Design and development of a Light Visor that is worn to reduce the effect of Seasonal Affective Disorder, especially in far Northern areas of Europe and North America where there is little winter sunshine.  FEI designed a very efficient step-up power supply to drive 12 white LEDs from three or four AA cells.  A special version of this Visor is available for astronauts to use on the International Space Station (ISS) to reduce the jet lag effect caused by a sunrise every 90 minutes.

Design of Power Amplifiers to drive Sonar transducers in a compact, variable frequency dipping sonar.  These Digital Switching Amplifiers (DSA) provide 216 individually controlled outputs rated at 60 watts each for a total power of over 12,000 watts in a 15 x 10 inch diameter cylinder (10.32 watts per cubic inch).  The DSA is similar to a Class D amplifier except that it uses direct digital input signals to control the beam.  The Parametric Airborne Dipping Sonar (PADS) uses parametric beams to search the target area, and the operating software can use many different frequencies and sweeps because of the versatility of the Digital Electronics driving the DSAs.

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Light Visor
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DSA board
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